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Fotocapio – Bouncelite Solo

Bouncelite is a professional product for controlling and modifying the light output from your hot-shoe mounted flash gun and the brainchild of professional photographer Tony Chau.

Tony came to us with a cardboard model, needing help to create a product which would not look out of place on a Speedlight flashgun. The product would need to excel in both form and function to meet the needs of the professional user.

Working closely with Tony the design was created to complement modern flashgun aesthetics, be easy to use, secure, durable and produce a quality and controllability of light unseen in the marketplace.

A quick change filter and secure mounting system were designed, engineered and tested to perform under professional use.

Materials research was conducted to find materials which would reflect and diffuse the light without suffering the effects of UV degradation.

An extensive prototyping phase using SLA’s and vacuum castings was used to determine and refine the material characteristics for the diffuser and validate the design for the mounting system.

We supplied a turn-key product development service from initial industrial design concepts through development, prototyping, detail engineering and transfer to production which allowed Bouncelite to be realised.

The design was fully detailed for injection moulding using PTC Creo and its ISDX capabilities prior to moulding with our production partner in the UK.

Bouncelite was launched with a successful Kickstarter campaign in August 2014 before been exhibited at Photokina 2014 and is now selling successfully worldwide.