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Industrial Design

Industrial design shapes almost everything we use in our everyday lives. Good design is the difference between a product that simply works and one that is a delight to look at, touch and use; it is what sets it apart. It’s also about the brand in relation to both product and client and what this means to the consumer.

The phrase ‘God is in the detail’ is often attributed to Mies Van der Rohe and is as relevant to industrial design as it is to architecture. From a subtle curve or radius to the way in which a product functions, we believe that attention to detail is everything when it comes to product design.

At Radian Design we keep up to date with the latest trends, technologies and materials and carry out targeted research when working on a new product. We consider form, function, materials, ergonomics, durability and ease of manufacture and assembly as well as cost and profitability in the design process.

We have a proven track record in delivering well thought out, innovative and beautifully designed products.

Our team has specialist skills in product visualisation and communication of design coupled with an in-depth knowledge of advanced A class surfacing tools. As well as 3D CAD we also have photorealistic imaging and animation software to enable accurate visualisation of a product.