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Sachtler Ace – Matte Box and Follow Focus

Sachtler is a worldwide leading producer of professional camera support equipment such as tripods, fluid heads, camera stabilizer systems, pedestals and lighting.

We delivered an industrial design solution for Sachtler which integrates the Ace tripod design language into its Matte Box and Follow Focus products, to maintain a common product identity across its range.

The industrial design focussed on providing a simplified and consistent user interface which allows the user to concentrate on their job whilst the Matte Box and Follow Focus perform efficiently and smoothly.

The Ace Matte Box design gives the user a professional shooting and filtering solution for preventing glare and lens flare. The design allows the use of standard size filters in two stages. The filter holders are held in place by an innovative push to release button which was developed further by the Sachtler engineering team.

The Ace Follow Focus design allows efficient and precise composition of shots by allowing users to set the focus points on their camera lens, so that when the hand wheel is rotated, the focus distance changes. The ergonomic design coupled with the precision Sachtler engineered mechanics gives users feedback and fine control of their lenses.

The resulting product brings a new level of refinement to the market place at this price point.