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Scalextric Slot Cars

Working for the Scalextric brand we meticulously re-created at 1/32 scale a range of fifteen slot cars, both classic and modern including the Mercedes 300 SLR, Maserati 250F, Vanwall, Ferrari 156 Sharknose and Maclaren M23.

Each project started with extensive design research into the car’s history and racing heritage. Often the cars of the 1950’s would evolve throughout the season and subtlety change shape, with no drawings ever produced of their sculptural forms.

In the absence of any detailed design information for the vintage cars, we had to rely on seeking out remaining examples to record their shapes coupled with the interpretation of historical photographs.

Using PTC Creo and its ISDX capabilities we faithfully re-created the cars in every exterior surface shape and detail down to the last rivet whilst also ensuring that all parts were ready for injection moulding.

After SLA prototyping and test driving approval full 3D data files in PTC Creo were released for manufacturing.

The slot car community gave the cars great reviews when they were launched.