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GlobalGuard Wireless Alarm System

GlobalGuard have developed a technology which allows remote monitoring and control of their alarm system via a smartphone app.

The industrial design brief was to produce a control panel and siren that was based around existing components but with a new modern aesthetic which would differentiate the design from their other product offerings, whilst still moulded in white plastic.

The design of the alarm panel creates the illusion of the panel floating off the wall, this was achieved by aesthetically separating the rear moulding into two elements and applying different surface finishes. Its overall aesthetic was designed to fit any modern interior and look slim and compact.

The design of the wall mounted external siren consists of a pure geometrical arc for the front moulding. This positions the charging panel facing upwards and the led lens downwards so it is seen from the ground. The rear moulding has a contrasting colour to enable it to blend into the background thereby allowing the front moulding to visually float.

A range of concepts were presented as sketches and then developed into 3D CAD and visualised in Keyshot.

The 3D CAD files were supplied in PTC Creo for the team to complete the detailed engineering.

Since launch sales of the dummy siren have trebled.